Frequently Asked Questions

How many members in the band?
There are four of us in the band:
Tim Mitchell (Lead Vocal/Piano), Simon Smith (Guitar), Brad Jackson (Bass Guitar) & Matt Renwick (Drums). Unlike a lot of other groups out there, we play as the same line up every time. We're all best mates that love playing together and we put that positive energy into our performance. Also, we don't work with agents. This means you will be dealing with us and only us.
Will you play at the ceremony as well?
Yes. We can learn songs for the entrance, signing of the register and exit.
Can you MC the night?
Yes, and well too!
Do you have all your own equipment?
Yes. We have all of our own sound and lighting gear.
How long will you play for?
As much as we can! Generally we will play a soft background set during entre/canapés followed by a second background set during main meals. The length of your speeches will determine how long you will get to party for. The first dance set is generally about 45 minutes kicking off with the bridal waltz. After a short break for dessert, we will play a second dance set for about an hour. If time is on your side, we will play a third dance set till the end of the reception!
What happens in between sets?
Apart from during speeches, we will have suitable music playing on an ipod during our short breaks.
Will you learn extra songs?
Yes. We have an extensive repertoire, but if we don't know it we will learn it!
How far will you travel to play?
As far as we have to! We have travelled interstate on a number of occasions, so distance is not usually an issue.
Are there any hidden/extra costs?
The Tone Tone Semitones have a flat rate. We are yours for the whole day/night! This includes MCing, learning songs and travel costs.
The only exception would be if, we were asked to travel more than 1.5 hours out of the Melbourne CBD in which case we'd ask for accommodation and petrol expenses.

The only other exception would be if we had to hire extra equipment such as Sub woofers (for larger events) and a Generator (for an outdoor wedding ceremony)
Do the Tone Tone Semitones do a showcase?
No. Unlike other bands that have dozens of musicians on call to put together a weekly showcase, we always play as the same line up. We use our time during the week to rehearse and feel that doing a showcase could never replicate the atmosphere of a wedding. With 13 years of experience behind us, we believe our reputation as the best in the business has been well and truly earned and we guarantee we will put on a party to remember!

The songs you can hear on this site are an accurate portrayal of what we will sound like on the night.